Halloween - only for things that go bump in the night?

As Halloween night fast approaches, we see a boost in creepy figures in stores and scary bump in the night films on television. Don't get me wrong Halloween is super fun. Seeing the kids dress up in the latest popular characters, zombie faces with incredible face makeup down to toddlers in cute pumpkin costumes. I am left to think however, who stated Halloween was only for show or for a scare? To me Halloween is a time to believe in magic. The magic of the Universe that we don't see every day. Belief in something bigger than normal living life. From Witches, Mermaids, Unicorns and Fairies. As Adults why don't we believe in what we used to when we were younger? The power of MAGIC. This Halloween... That's what I am going to be celebrating. That in my idea of Halloween night the Fairies and Unicorns are running free unseen to our eyes. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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